Basics of the epistemology branch of philosophy.  Epistemology is the study of knowledge and justified true belief. Philosophers and theologians will be discussing basic history, problems, and issues in philosophy and epistemology for a modern non-academic audience and from a working class perspective varying from ancient pre-Socratic to modern philosophies and theologies of language, science, existentialism, and pragmatism. The emphasis is on how dominant philosophies have and do affect the working classes throughout history because this is the group of people who suffer the worst and adverse affects of whatever are the dominant philosophical ideals of any given age and who usually are the least knowledgeable about the nature of the ideals and why they are dominant.


The Case Against Reality / The Atlantic Magazine

Preliminary Argument for a Holistic Philosophy of Mind / Contra to “The Case Against Reality”

“Sand Pebbles” music courtesy the film, Sand Pebbles, music by Jerry Goldsmith.

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